bounces (tcr) Commodore 64 game

After much debate, deliberation, changes in ownership, employers, and management, Beyond has finally decided to release the long-anticipated game called "Bounces," which was written by Denton Designs. Bounces is a futuristic entertainment designed to captivate the masses. It's a sensible and noble sport in which players are tethered to a wall by a massive rubber band while wearing friction-soled shoes in a unique arena.

In the Bounces arena, a slugdomium ball moves in a low-gravity manner, and the way it moves, specifically how and where it moves, determines the game's outcome. If the ball goes into your goal, you lose points. Conversely, a ball in your opponent's goal earns you points. Players can manipulate the ball's path and control goals through clever slugdomium slug handling.

Both players are equipped with a snatcher, which serves two purposes. It can be used as a scoop to capture the flying sphere and throw it out at high velocity, or it can be used as a weapon to strike your opponent's head, causing them to fall over and lose points.

The game is viewed from the side, with the play area in the middle of the screen. There are two sets of three different goals in the ceiling, one set above each player. The computer version features digitized heroes from the future arena: Erik the Red and Sir Ashley Trueblood, both of whom add a significant showmanship factor to the game. Erik is in Viking attire, while Sir Ashley is clad in a 14th-century knight's suit of armor.

Players control their characters with a joystick, but the stretchy band connecting them to the wall limits their movement. Walking too far from the wall can cause them to slide back rapidly. Colliding with the wall results in losing points.

Pressing the fire button activates the snatcher arm, which can capture the ball when it passes over it. Releasing the fire button while holding the ball in the snatcher releases it back into the arena.

Bouncing the ball off an opponent's head is a legal but tricky move that can knock them down, leading to point loss and reduced stamina. Stamina is displayed on a bar under the arena, which grows when a player rests. Moving around and staying active will deplete stamina, and if it drops too low, the player becomes paralyzed.

The only real drawback to Bounces is its price tag of £9.95, which some may find too high. Despite the seemingly simple appearance, the game has a well-thought-out design. It's enjoyable in one-player mode but truly shines in two-player mode, offering fun gameplay and Dentonesque graphics and music. It's a solid release, though the price may deter some potential buyers.

Overall, Bounces is a simple yet enjoyable game. The graphics and character animations are of high quality, making it a great choice for a fun gaming experience, particularly when played with another person. While it may seem a bit pricey, it's worth considering for the entertainment it offers.

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