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Zombie Raft Skill game

Zombie Raft is a zombie survival game where you scavenge, expand, and survive on a raft against a relentless horde of zombies! Move forward and collect resources to expand your raft.

How to Play Zombie Raft

Explore a zombie wasteland

Get in your one-man wheel and propel the raft forward in this addictive zombie game. Zombies will occasionally jump on board and attack you and the other survivors you rescue along the way, but you can smack them away with your bat!

Harvest resources and upgrade your raft

You can loot the land of its resources to build new areas on your raft that provide additional abilities. Once you’ve cleared an area, you can head back to base by calling in air support. At the base, you can purchase upgrades like a jet engine, spikes, and more, to improve your survivability on your next trip to zombieland!


Use WASD or arrow keys or drag the left mouse button to move.

Game category: Skill games

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