Crazy Climber Atari 2600 game

In Crazy Climber, you're on a daring ascent up towering skyscrapers, aiming to conquer four of them while dodging a barrage of obstacles and enemies out to thwart your climb. Windows present a constant threat - if they shut on both hands, you'll plummet to the street below. The Mad Doctor, with his quirky arsenal of flowerpots and fruit baskets, aims to knock you off your climb. Giant condors swoop down, dropping eggs that can send you tumbling unless you're securely gripping a ledge.

Watch out for plummeting girders and live wires dangling from electric signs, both lethal to your climb. To top it off, angry residents may randomly open and close windows, testing your reflexes. Yet, your goal lies atop each building, where a waiting helicopter offers passage to the next challenge. But time is limited - grab the runner within 30 seconds or face a perilous fall.

The game's movement mechanics add to the challenge. Originally controlled by two joysticks in the arcade version, the Atari 2600 adaptation merges them into one. Climbing requires a rhythmic rocking motion, a test of coordination and speed. While the graphics may lack polish, the gameplay shines through, offering a satisfying challenge once mastered.

Behind the scenes, Crazy Climber's development had its own drama. Started by Joe Gaucher and completed by Alex Leavens, it faced hurdles before landing on the shelves. Despite its delayed release, Crazy Climber remains a gem for those seeking a challenging climb to the top.


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Crazy Climber - Atari 2600 console game.

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