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Satan (1990) Amiga game

In order to progress in the scrolling hack 'n' slash game, players must find three magic scrolls in the first part. These scrolls are necessary to embark on a journey to defeat enemies and rescue fellow wizards in the second part. Just like many Dinamic games, the two parts are loaded separately and a password is required to access the second part after completing the first.

While navigating through the game, players must be cautious of enemies, mostly mutant demons, that drain their energy. There is also a time limit for each section. Players can use their magical powers, which become stronger in part two, as well as collect swords and lightning bolts to attack and defeat enemies on screen. In the second part, defeated enemies release coins that can be used at shop sections to purchase items such as rechargers, shields, and teleporters.

Game category: Amiga games

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