Batalyx (DYNAMIC DUO) Commodore 64 game

After four months of intense development, Jeff Minter has returned to the gaming scene with a bang. Once again, the Zzyaxians are at the center of the action, but this time, they're on the defensive. In a gripping "Star Wars" style narrative, you command a daring task force on a mission to raid Zzyax Prime, the heart of their galaxy-spanning empire.

Your strategy hinges on reactivating mystical structures predating the Zzyaxian's rule, which can tap into an almost limitless energy source. The goal is to drive the Zzyaxians from their homeworld, disrupting their empire's foundations. Of course, the Zzyaxians haven't left their home unprotected – automated defenses stand ready to repel any rebel incursion.

In Batalyx, you assume the role of a Psi Op, an entity with advanced psionic powers, allowing you to jump between the minds of task forces engaged in reactivating the mystical sites. There are five such sites and a relaxation area to soothe your frayed nerves. As a Psi Op, your task involves constantly switching between the five distinct battlefields, defending and attacking the enemy. It's wise to tackle the battles in order of your proficiency since your opponents grow more challenging as you progress. The order of reactivation matters significantly, and if things become too intense, there's a sixth site specially designed for relaxation.

Batalyx offers a collection of five games and one non-game, adding a touch of psychedelia to the mix. Each of the six sections is accessible via keyboard shortcuts (1 to 6) and your progress is saved, allowing you to return to any section at any time. To complete a section, you need to illuminate a character representing one of the five games. The character appears in different sections as you advance through the game.

My personal favorites are Syncro II and Cippy on the Run, both challenging and engaging games. Batalyx is a prime example of Jeff Minter's creativity and quality, offering various game types, excellent control methods, and original touches throughout.

Subgame 1: Hallucin-O-Bomblets This game features a wrap-around screen where you control a craft using bomblets for propulsion and attack. Your mission is to destroy defense satellites around Zzyax Prime's orbit. Each satellite you destroy lights up a square on a screen-long bar. If you crash into a satellite, some squares are removed from the bar. Light up the entire bar to complete the icon. The challenge lies in dealing with 16 different types of satellites, each with its own movement pattern, and facing various obstacles, including pint glasses, cippies, and Prime Minister Aardvarks.

Subgame 2: Attack of the Mutant Camels II In this classic game, you control a craft with a low-energy laser, facing off against mutant camels. Destroy them to progress to the next sheet, but watch out for their deadly weapons, the Bonio's of Doom. The game offers a mix of shooting and strategy.

Subgame 3: The Activation of Iridis Base This abstract game tests your reaction time. You must follow the direction indicated by nine squares representing joystick movements while activating the base. Failure results in the loss of a "life." Successfully activating the base rewards you with a colorful display.

Subgame 4: Cippy on the Run Navigate the Grey Corridor and reactivate the structure by touching every segment while avoiding phosphene globes. The corridor has two floors with different gravities, and phosphene interference makes the task challenging. Falling into holes will set you back. Completing four corridors lights up this game's icon.

Jeff Minter has outdone himself with Batalyx, delivering a diverse and exciting gaming experience that will keep players engaged for hours. Whether you're a fan of shoot 'em ups, psychedelia, or fast-paced gameplay, Batalyx has something for everyone. Don't miss this hyper-brilliant game by a true gaming legend.

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