Add to favorites Multiplayer game is a free IOgame.The Ant War is here, truly a war of ants is upon us. The real question is which side will you take and how will it all shake out. Will your ant colony reign supreme or will you be overrun by a red army of angry stinging army ants with hate in their hearts and your heads in their mandibles? In you get to find out whether you stack up against the hives upon hives of angry ants marching through the Earth. This is a game where you must start a colony and then begin birthing your hive. You will need army ants, you will need drones, and you might even need a new queen when the time comes. All f this will require resources and the proper management of those resources towards the ultimate end of defeating the other colonies and becoming the end. The living end. Becoming an Ant warlord is not an easy task but we can promise you that it is a fun one and it is a rewarding one. You will enjoy becoming a blood-thirsty warlord in this fun game of ants, hives, resources, and conquest.


Use your mouse to scan the field of play and decide on where to start your colony. From there you will need to protect your queen and then destroy the other players.

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