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180 Commodore 64 game

"180" is a darts video game that was released for multiple platforms, including the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, Atari 8-bit family in 1986, and MSX in 1987.

Gameplay: In "180," the player competes in 501 darts matches against other virtual darts players participating in a championship tournament, adhering to standard darts rules. The objective is to subtract your score from 501 down to zero, finishing on a double. Starting from the quarter-finals, players must win a best-of-three match to progress in the tournament. Winning another match in the semi-final stage allows advancement to the final, where they will face the World Champion, Jammy Jim. In the final match, however, players need to win just one leg against Jammy Jim to claim the tournament victory. Players also have the option to compete against another human player or play the "Round the Clock" mode, which involves throwing darts around the dartboard from 20 to 1 within a time limit.

Opponents: The game features a total of eight computer-controlled opponents. Before each match, the computer randomly selects an opponent, with the exception of Jammy Jim, who can only be challenged in the final. The opponents include Del Boy, Desmond, Sure Shot Sidney, Devious Dave, Limp Wrist Larry, Beer Belly Bill, Mega Mick, Tactical Tel, and Jammy Jim.

Reception: Upon its release, "180" received favorable ratings. The Spectrum version garnered a 72% rating from Crash magazine, which hailed it as "the best darts game ever." The Commodore 64 version received a 70% rating from ZZAP! magazine. The Amstrad version received a rating of 67% from Amstrad Action.

Sinclair User reviewed the game, awarding it a perfect 5 out of 5 rating and stating, "Darts, which could be perceived as boring and tedious, is made funny, exciting, and impressively engaging in '180.' A hidden gem."

Your Sinclair also reviewed the game and gave it a 9 out of 10, noting, "While '180' leans towards the macho, crafty cockney Bristow style of darts in its presentation, it is difficult to find fault elsewhere. It's a winner across the board."

ACE magazine described "180" as "the definitive computer darts game" and recommended it for anyone looking to play darts on their microcomputer. However, the game's challenge increases as you face different opponents, and the ultimate challenge awaits in the form of Jammy Jim, the Diego Maradona of the darting world, known for consistently scoring 180 points in every game.

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