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Chess Arena Multiplayer game

Chess Arena is a free IOgame. You have beaten all the masters of the world in sweaty, tense, one on one match-ups. You eat, sleep, and breathe chess, it has become second nature to you and now there is no more challenge. Well, what if told you the real gambit is to take it to the next level and build an empire in Chess Arena. This is an arena fighter game where the only rule is the rules of chess. That's right you are a team of chessed up baddies who move just like normal chess pieces but you have transcended the 8x8 grid into a sprawling arena filled with chess thugs like yourself who are looking for the latest hit and the greatest taste of success. In a normal chess match, you pit your petty little wits against the machinations of an opponent of equal skill. It is an ordinary way for ordinary people to enjoy themselves but once you have fully grasped the true nature of chess you will find that only Chess Arena can scratch that itch. So, strap in, settle down, and let's get ready to chess in chess arena.


In this game, you will be in a chess arena against other players from all over the world. Your job is to move your chess pieces exactly as you would in a real chess game except without the backup of all the other chess pieces.

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