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Wild Heroes

Take a look to our first game!
The Dark King has escaped from the underworld and is leading his army of monsters to destroy the Magic Castles!
You must lead the resistance! Develop a strategy to defend the castles of the five kingdoms
But don't just stand there! Use the interactive powers to help your towers: burn, freeze and shock your enemies, or even summon a black hole and warp them to another dimension!


mouse for play and keyboard for shortcuts
-Click a hero's avatar to spawn a hero, move the hero with the mouse and click again to place it on the battlefield
*****press ''spacebar'' to cancel the action*****
-Shortcuts: Q: Activate Arrow power
W: Activate 'Heal' power
E: Activate 'Frezze'┬Э power
A: Activate 'Lightning Bolt'┬Э power
S: Activate 'Fire' power
D: Activate 'Black Hole'┬Э power
Remember you can't use the powers if you don't have enough mana or if you haven't unlocked it

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