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Space Squad

As the commander of the Space Squad, use tactical skill and massive firepower to complete missions. Take advantage of both crew skills and environment details, while keeping your crew safe from the hordes of attacking aliens.
- Three cool characters equipped with assault weapons and special abilities (combat healing, rockets launcher and stealth)
- Experience the first chapters of the story, in 19 exciting levels
- Varied level design, featuring puzzle elements (Mazes, stealth-able patrols and much more) allowing you to personalize your tactics to achieve top ratings


* Click on a unit to select it * To move a unit, click and drag to a new position * Double click on a unit for selecting all units on screen
* Click and drag for panning around the map
* Click on the map for deselecting units
* Scroll wheel or W and S keys for zoom.
- Note that there are problems with Unity
webplayer for Safari concerning keyboard input and the scroll wheel.
* Drag the special ability on to the map to activate it

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