Cursed Treasure Level Pack Strategy game

Cursed Treasure Level Pack is a free tower defense game. They want your treasure, but the joke is on them. You're a vicious warlord who won't stand by and just let anyone rob them blind of their precious cursed treasure. Set up towers in order to stop and destroy any and all comers. Make sure you have at least one treasure left by the end of the round and you will be victorious. Choose from 6 different types of towers and several different upgrades for each tower. Use strategy to devise which towers to build, when to build them and where to put them. Let them handle the heavy lifting of aiming and firing as you step back and build your empire. 

The Level Pack for cursed treasure doesn't expand upon the game mechanics or upgrades in any way however it offers you several new and exciting level designs to play. Each new design is more challenging and exciting than the last. This is your chance to protect the treasure. Don't let any of these interlopers get their greasy hands on your hard-earned gems! Fight dirty, fight to win and fight till the last tower falls. 


Use your mouse to click on and through the various in-game menus. elect items and towers and upgrades and then apply them to your game.

Game category: Strategy games

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