droid rumble Commodore 64 game

This is the 1st place winner of the Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2021. Droid Rumble, is a futuristic beat 'em up written by Alf Yngve using the Sideways scrolling SEUCK. This version of the game wins the first place prize and contains the following features:

Stunning loading picture by Ax!s/TND

Freeload tape loader

Intro presentation with complete story line

Thumping technosound tracks

New front end presentation

Hi score table

Full in game enhancements, including some very special features

Artificial intelligence (enemies with smart aim firing)

Power up for every 10,000 points score (Power up is lost if caught)

The city of the future is in peril. Malfunctioning robots have taken over the fusion power plant.

You, a SWAT team officer, have volunteered to infiltrate the plant. Your mission is to shut down the reactor before it goes into meltdown.

In order to distract the robots, you will be disguised in a robot suit. You carry a plasma puncher, a powerful weapon with limited range. (You might capture other weapons inside the plant as the robots are heavily armed.)

You must disable the robots which have seized vital control panels and find the emergency shutdown key.

Unfortunately we do not know which robot is holding the key, so you have to take down all robots near the control panel. Time is running out. The main reactor might reach critical condition in less than an hour. If it does, the city is dooms and a catastrophic death toll can be expected ....

Go! Go! Go!



Joystick in Port 2

Up = Climb

Down = Climb/Crouch

Left / Right = move left/right

Fire = Fire punch / shoot power rifle

A limited Power Rifle is awarded for every 10,000 points scored

Game category: Commodore 64 games

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