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In 1987, CRL Group PLC, Alternative Software Ltd. publishes Oink! on Commodore 64. Also published on Amstrad CPC

Go on. Make a pig of youself and grab a copy of OINK! You won't be sorry. Three addictive games for the price of one make a this a real value for money package.

OK, so the games aren't all original-but they are extremely well put together and programmed by John Williams probably best known for Jet Boot Jack.

The main aim of the game is to help Uncle Pigg, the porky proprietor of OINKI, the cult


comic rapidly taking over the universe, to get his next issue out on time.

Here at C+VG we know ALL about the hazards of producing a magazine-but we've never had to contend with Pete's


Perhaps System 3's The Last Ninja shoud be renamed The Ninja At Last of At Last The Ninja

It's boin an incredible 18 months or go since word of this martial arts epic began to spread. Now I can proudly boast that I have seen the 64 version of the game.

Fans of System 3 games will know that they haven't got the greatest reputation for bringing their games out on time. But when the product does make it onto the shelves, it's usually been worth the wait-witness been worth the wait-witness the ultimate success of International Karate

So is The Last Ninja worth the wait? You bet it is Just when you thought nobody would come up with a new and interesting twist on the martial arts formula, System 3 manages it.

combination of fighting. exploration, strategy, object finding, all mix up with some really excellent music which, besides providing a background to the game, considerably enhances the atmosphere and adds to the excitement.

The game is big, coming in six loads. In some games multi- loading can hinder the smoothness of play but with The Last Ninja that doesn't happen.

The ultimate aim of the games is to guide the Ninja and find the secret scrolls hidden in the palace at the end of the game.

The first two loads are set in what could be described as a wilderness outside the palace. filled with swamps, rivers, shrines, trees, bushes, birds, evil guards and dragons. The Ninja must explore his environment. The only

Pimple, Rubbishman or Tom Thug when we're attempting to beat our deadlines. But YOU will if you decide to take on the editorship of Oink!

The idea is quite simple really. You play the three sub- games to earn points and win parts of pages which you use to fill up your issue of Oink!

You can read the panels you win as you go- these contain words of wisdom, jokes and puzzles. Studying these panels provides a break from the frantic action of the games themselves.

As you play you build up your circulation- can you beat C+VG's 106,5717

Let's take a look at the three sub-games one by one. First up is Pete's Pimple. Like the other games this is based- extremely loosely-on characters from the comic. This is Arkan-Oink or maybe even Krak-Oink! A straightforward

weapons he has to start with are his hands and feet. By exploring everywhere he can collect a sword, throwing stars staff, flails and smoke bombs You really have to search for these because some are really difficult to find.

That was especially true for me on C-VG's battered television.

But the trick of picking up an object is a little difficult: Getting in the right position is essential You have to sort of band and get the ninje's hands to reach out and touch the object.

That's okay if you can see it. But sometimes the object is totally hidden, such as the extra

Last of the Ninja

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