Don’t Drop the White Ball 2 Skill game

Don’t Drop the White Ball 2 is a free puzzle game that is the second installment of your favorite mobile game, Don’t Drop the White Ball. Didn’t get enough of the first game? Well, now there’s another one for you to become obsessed with. This is an easy-to-play online game with simplistic animation and bold-colored backgrounds. While in other games, you try to bounce a ball, this game is a little bit more violent. In this online game, you must destroy all the white balls by using your spiked rectangle. Each level has its own challenge with multiple balls falling that you need to destroy. If you fail that level, don’t stress it because you can repeat the challenge until you pass it. The mechanics may be easy but you need to be fast and pay attention to where the balls are falling down from. Earn points to unlock all of the cool character skins for your rectangle and ball.


To play this free puzzle game, use your mouse or fingers to slide your spiked rectangle left and right. Click on the shopping cart icon to unlock character skins. Click on the leaderboards icon to view where you rank against other players in this free puzzle game.

Game category: Skill games

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