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Arena 2000 Amiga game

Arena 2000 presents a challenging puzzle experience where players navigate a character tasked with gathering stones and placing them into corresponding colored holes. With 40 levels in total, success in each level rewards the player with a password to advance. However, navigating these levels is not without its obstacles. Stones, in constant motion, pose a threat to the player upon contact, adding an element of urgency and strategy.

Fortunately, each level's frame holds a solution to this peril. Certain sections of the frame, when touched, render stones of the same color harmless, halting their movement and allowing for safe collection and placement into the designated holes.

Yet, even as stones disappear, they are quickly replaced. Unfortunately, the new stone's color may not match the required hue. In such instances, players can utilize colorless holes to dispose of unwanted stones, albeit without progressing the level. With a finite number of lives and time constraints per level, strategic planning and quick thinking are essential for success.

For those seeking further challenges, an editor is available to craft custom levels, adding depth and longevity to the game's experience.

Game category: Amiga games

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