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Arkanoid Amiga Amiga game

In the original Breakout game, players controlled a bat at the bottom of the screen to hit bricks arranged at the top using a ball. This concept was not popular for a long time until Taito brought it back in an arcade game with some new ideas.

In this revived version, the game's storyline portrays the bat as a spaceship called Vaus, the ball as an energy bolt, and the bricks as a mysterious wall that hinders the spaceship's progress to safety.

During the mid-80s, power-ups became popular in various arcade games, and Arkanoid embraced this trend. In Arkanoid, players can collect power-ups by positioning the bat underneath them as they fall. However, going for the power-ups at the wrong time risks missing the ball. The power-ups in Arkanoid include lasers mounted on each side of the spaceship for shooting out blocks, a catching device for changing the ball's trajectory upon hitting it, and a power-up that slows down the energy bolt.

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