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Sink or Swim Amiga game

You are Kevin Codner, renowned rescue mariner, tasked with responding to the distress call of the sinking cruise liner, the SS Lucifer. Armed with your trusty submarine, you brave the treacherous waters to aid the desperate passengers in need of your expertise and quick thinking.

In 60 challenging levels, known as the "Dim Passengers" missions, you must rescue as many passengers as possible. Similar to the classic game Lemmings, passengers enter the level through a tube, and it's up to you to guide them safely to the exit. You'll encounter obstacles like cargo boxes and bulkheads, which you can blast with bombs or reposition with a crane when resources run low.

Conveyor belts add an extra layer of complexity, as their direction can determine whether passengers reach safety or meet a perilous end in water, fire, or steam jets. By pulling levers, you can control the direction of the belts to guide passengers to safety.

As you progress, puzzles become increasingly challenging, requiring creative solutions like patching up cracked pipes to prevent steam from harming passengers or stacking crates to form bridges or shields against fire. Each level has a minimum number of passengers you must save, with many featuring a time limit as water ominously rises, threatening to engulf the compartment and drown the passengers.

Upon completing each level, you receive a password, allowing you to resume your progress from that point onwards. In the Genesis and SNES versions, there are a total of 100 levels, with passwords appearing every fifth level from level 5 onwards, although the game never provides them directly. Only the diligent and resourceful Kevin Codner can navigate these perilous waters and save the day, one passenger at a time.

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