Advanced Fruit Machine Simulator Amiga game

Isn't it amazing how we've managed to get by without this game until now? It's like stepping into a real casino with this slot machine simulation! Sure, you may not win any actual prizes, but the thrill of the game is all there, complete with all the exciting features!

Imagine if this game had a captivating storyline—it would be even better! The graphics are truly captivating, with multiple screens for special and risk games that add to the realism. I love how the spinning reels briefly bounce back before coming to a stop—it's those little details that make the experience so immersive. And the sounds? They transport you to the atmosphere of a bustling casino floor, adding to the excitement. Plus, who knows, someone might even find the title music oddly charming!

In terms of usability, there's room for improvement. While the game offers various control options like mouse, keyboard, and joystick, they don't always work seamlessly. But despite these minor hiccups, the overall technical quality is commendable. Compared to its competitor "Fruit Machine," this game stands out for its polish and attention to detail.

Sure, it may not be the most groundbreaking game out there, but it's certainly entertaining. It's visually appealing and plays smoothly—it's hard to resist! Even though it's just a game, it manages to capture the essence of casino excitement remarkably well.

Overall, it's a fun experience that's perfect for beginners looking to dip their toes into the world of slot machines. And at around 44,- DM, it's a worthwhile investment for hours of entertainment.

Manufacturer: Code Masters

Genre: Simulation

Specialty: German minimal manual, high scores are not saved.

Game category: Amiga games

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