Blue_Baron 3_SCS Commodore 64 game

Title: Blue Baron Review

Introduction: Blue Baron is a budget game that takes players back to the Great War, featuring a fictitious flying ace and horizontally scrolling aerial combat. Your mission is to bomb various targets while piloting a Sopwith Camel. Let's dive into this retro experience.

Gameplay: In Blue Baron, you'll fly over enemy territory, hitting the space bar to drop bombs on targets like bridges and forts. Be quick because your fuel won't last forever. Interestingly, there are no bomb ports, so the pilot has to drop bombs by hand. Once you've completed your mission (or missed it), you head back to the airfield. Initially, you have three Sopwith Camels, each capable of withstanding four hits before crashing.

Considering the World War I setting, the level of movement your fighter enjoys is incredible. It can weave in and out of enemy planes and execute tight mid-air maneuvers. Remember, this isn't a flight simulator, so the focus isn't on realism, but rather on playability.

Review: Blue Baron offers a definite sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of simpler horizontally scrolling blasters for the C64. It's a straightforward game with modest graphics, and the missions are relatively short. While it may seem shallow and dated by today's standards, it manages to maintain a level of playability that can keep you engaged for a little while.

The passcode system and the joystick on the control panel that mimics your movements are nice touches. However, the lack of variety in the gameplay becomes evident after a short time, and there are more captivating sideways-scrolling shoot-'em-ups available, even on a budget. Consider checking out alternatives like R-Type from The Hit Squad or this month's Megatape marvel, Breakdown.


  • Nostalgic gameplay
  • Short, engaging missions
  • Passcode system


  • Dated graphics
  • Lack of variety
  • Limited long-term appeal

Conclusion: Blue Baron provides a brief trip down memory lane for fans of classic, simple shooters. However, its shallow gameplay and limited replay value may leave modern gamers looking for more. There are better options available in the budget gaming world, making Blue Baron a choice mainly for those seeking a taste of retro gaming nostalgia.

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