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As more software houses introduce their own budget labels, the latest addition to this trend is Creative Sparks with their Sparklers label. They've adopted an Americana style, re-releasing older games at a more affordable price. Notably, this particular game has never been released before.

In White Viper, you assume the role of a hero known in town as the White Viper due to the large white snake on your family's coat of arms. While out on a stroll, an evil spirit suddenly appears and abducts your beloved wife. In response, you, the gallant knight, set off to retrieve your armor, only to discover it's also missing.

To successfully complete the game, you must overcome five challenges. The first is relatively straightforward: you find yourself in a forest with the princess, defending her and your armor from evil spirits by wielding your sword. Each spirit defeated grants you an extra life, with a maximum of seven lives.

The subsequent task involves capturing a trusty steed. You enclose the horse by constructing a perimeter fence. However, beware, as evil spirits occasionally appear, destroying your hard work. Be cautious since each section of the fence is valuable if you intend to catch the steed. This part can become somewhat repetitive after a while.

The following section can be quite perplexing. You're now on horseback and must jump from one island to another across a lake, collecting pieces of armor. The length of your jump depends on how long you hold the fire button, and to make matters more challenging, there's a tricky swamp fairy eager to send you back to the beginning.

The last two parts of the game involve feeding time and the rescue, but I was unable to progress to these stages, and you might encounter similar difficulties.

White Viper is a fairly average game without any particularly distinctive features. To be honest, it's hard to see any compelling reason to purchase it other than its low price.

Ferdy Hamilton The lone horseman prepares to cross the swamp in White Viper

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Embark on an extraordinary quest as The White Viper to rescue the abducted Princess from the clutches of an evil wizard. Traverse perilous lands, face off against relentless demons, and reclaim your lost armor and sword that are now held captive in the wizard's castle. The game unfolds in five thrilling stages, each presenting unique challenges and obstacles to overcome. From defending the Princess against demon attacks to capturing a wild horse, navigating treacherous swamps, and surviving cannonball barrages, your courage and skills will be tested at every turn. With unwavering determination, unlock the castle's mysteries, face the malevolent wizard and his minions, and emerge victorious to save the Princess, sealing your destiny as the hero who wins her heart and becomes the rightful ruler.

In this captivating adventure viewed from an elevated side angle, immerse yourself in a rich world where swordplay, strategic thinking, and swift reflexes are key to your success. Progress through each stage, collecting extra lives, avoiding perils, and triumphing over formidable foes. Prepare to embark on an epic journey that combines action, strategy, and romance, culminating in the ultimate reward of rescuing the Princess and claiming your rightful place as the new King by her side.

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