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"The Fury" stormed onto the gaming scene in 1988, a racing video game crafted by Creative Reality and unleashed by Martech Games for the Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, and ZX Spectrum platforms. The visually striking box art, a creation of Rodney Matthews, added a touch of artistic flair to the gaming experience.

Setting the Stage

Transporting players to the year 2045AD, the game unfolds on the artificial planet Devs. The racetrack, resembling a gutter, orbits the planet, providing the stage for high-stakes racing. Competitors vie for monetary rewards while their races unfold under the sponsorship and televised coverage of "The Network," a prominent television station deeply involved in both sponsorship and racer training.

Racing Dynamics

Amid the fast-paced races, an eerie mystery shrouds the track—drivers vanish during high-speed maneuvers, attributing their disappearances to an enigmatic force known as "It's The Fury."

Engaging Gameplay

The gameplay is a fusion of strategy and speed, requiring players to qualify in each race by achieving diverse objectives. From speed trials to eliminating young unqualified racers called "Nids" and engaging in Tag Races, players navigate challenges to earn valuable currency. This currency can be wisely spent on a spectrum of options, including new vehicles, repairs, weaponry like missiles and flamethrowers, fuel, and even escape pods for swift ejections to safety.

Critical Reception

Despite its ambitious concept, The Fury faced a barrage of mixed to negative reviews. Chris Jenkins of Sinclair User found it "initially interesting but ultimately unsatisfying," while Andy Smith of ACE dismissed the game as "old hat," pointing out flaws in graphics and concept. Computer and Video Games' Matt Bielby echoed the sentiment, expressing disappointment in the graphics' inability to convey a true sense of speed.

Sales Woes

In addition to critical backlash, The Fury grappled with lackluster sales, failing to capture the hearts of gamers. The unique blend of futuristic racing, mysterious disappearances, and strategic gameplay, while intriguing, fell short of achieving widespread satisfaction.


"The Fury" stands as a testament to the challenges of merging innovation with execution in the dynamic world of gaming. Its ambitious narrative and gameplay elements, though captivating for some, struggled to resonate with a broader audience, leaving this racing adventure in the annals of mixed-reviewed gaming history.

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