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Summer Games II Amiga game

This game boasts eight Olympic events, offering players a diverse range of challenges to conquer. Players have the freedom to select any combination of events to play at a time, ensuring a customizable and engaging gameplay experience.

Each event presents its own unique mechanics and controls. From rowing and cycling requiring rapid joystick-waggling, to the triple jump demanding precise timing and directional inputs, players must master a variety of techniques to excel in each competition.

In the high jump, players control their speed with up and down movements before executing a jump over the bar with precise timing and forward propulsion. Similarly, the javelin event requires players to build up speed by holding down fire before releasing the javelin with precise angle adjustments using left movements.

Equestrian enthusiasts must navigate obstacles by increasing speed with up movements and jumping with fire or right inputs, avoiding disqualification by minimizing faults. Fencing challenges players to outmaneuver their opponent by strategically moving their foil with the joystick while maintaining defensive positioning.

Kayaking tests players' navigation skills as they maneuver through a river, ensuring precise gate passage with careful directional control. For an ultimate test of endurance, players can even load events from Summer Games 1 to tackle all 16 events in a marathon session, providing hours of Olympic excitement and challenge.

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