Micro Hexagon Commodore 64 game

MICRO HEXAGON is a minimal action game by Paul Koller, with music by Mikkel Hastrup. This Commodore 64 reinterpretation of the original SUPER HEXAGON was released on the 1st December 2013 as an entry in the RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Competition (2013), in which it achieved 2nd place.

SUPER HEXAGON is an independent video game based on an earlier game by Terry Cavanagh, HEXAGON, which was created for a twelve hour game jam in early 2012. Originally released for iOS in September 2012, versions of SUPER HEXAGON for Windows and OS X were released 3 months later on Steam, an Android version was released in January 2013 and BlackBerry and Linux versions followed in February 2013.

Game category: Commodore 64 games

In "Micro Hexagon," players control a hexagon-shaped character and navigate through a maze-like grid filled with obstacles, while avoiding collision with walls and other hazards. The objective is to survive for as long as possible and achieve a high score by collecting points and power-ups.

"Micro Hexagon" features colorful graphics, catchy chiptune music, and addictive gameplay that harks back to the golden era of arcade games. It's a popular title among retro gaming enthusiasts and fans of the C64 platform.

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