Frogger II: ThreeeDeep! Atari 2600 game

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Frogger II: ThreeeDeep! is a video game released in 1984 as the sequel to the popular arcade game Frogger. It was developed and published by Sega and is available on various platforms, including the Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Commodore 64, and ColecoVision.

In Frogger II: ThreeeDeep!, the gameplay builds upon the original Frogger concept but introduces new challenges and mechanics. Instead of simply crossing a busy road and a river, the game features three layers of gameplay. You control a frog and must guide it through multiple screens, including roads, rivers, and underground tunnels, to rescue frog babies.

The main objective is to locate and save a certain number of frog babies scattered throughout the levels and bring them safely back to their homes. Each level presents unique hazards and obstacles, such as cars, trucks, snakes, alligators, and more. You need to avoid these dangers while navigating the different layers of the screen.

Frogger II: ThreeeDeep! received positive reviews upon its release and is considered a worthy sequel to the original game. It expanded upon the gameplay mechanics and added additional challenges, providing players with a fresh experience while retaining the core elements that made Frogger popular.

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