Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters demo Amiga game

Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters is a game that thrives on its unique setting and memorable music, capturing the essence of arcade action in an enjoyable way, particularly in two-player mode. While some players may still hold a preference for the original arcade version, this conversion certainly earns its stripes, despite the challenge posed by those pesky Red Robots!

The game boasts cool characters and offers a reminiscent isometric experience akin to Alien Syndrome, which many players found to be quite good, earning it a solid 7/10 rating. Those who bought the original weren't disappointed, relishing in the fine arcade action and charming animations, with some even managing to conquer the game entirely.

One standout feature that garnered praise was the music, described as great and delightfully cheesy, although some found it to become repetitive over time. However, the comedic graphics, complete with gory cartoon death animations, added to the overall enjoyment, especially when playing cooperatively.

Despite its flaws, such as challenging gameplay mechanics and occasional frustrations with weapon control and enemy onslaughts, there's an undeniable nostalgic charm to Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters. The levels, while occasionally repetitive, offer a diverse range of environments and bonus levels, contributing to the overall enjoyable experience.

The game's conversion from the arcade was generally well-received, with many praising its faithfulness to the original while adding its own unique charm. It's worth a look for those seeking a fun, albeit challenging, retro gaming experience, particularly for fans of top-down shooters and isometric action games.

Game category: Amiga games

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