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Crazy Ninja Skill game

Crazy Ninja is a free shooter game. We don't generally like to use a term like 'crazy' but we've known a lot of Ninjas and this ninja is different. This ninja is clearly going through some stuff and believe us when we say 'Crazy' we mean it in a clinical sense. For example, the ninja is obsessed with using throwing stars and shuriken to pop balloons and scary black ghost faces. Your ability to target the ninja and not the spinning platforms or sliding gates is paramount to the ninja's success. this ninja needs you to make the shots if you ever want to make it to the next level, the next challenge, the next moment of your life.


On your desktop or mobile computer please use your finger to tap and slide in order to flick the throwing stars and shuriken or the mouse to point and click. You are trying to get the shuriken and throwing stars to avoid the platforms and gates to smash the balloons

Game category: Skill games

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