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Confrontation Action game

Play the 'Confrontation' game.



Your objective is to beat the hell out strange creatures; kill them faster than your computer opponent and survive a battle round.
Whenever you kill a creature, it will appear on the computers side and vice versa.
You earn money each time you kill a creature - use it to buy new weapons, specials, or power-ups.
How many rounds can you take before the creatures overwhelm you?

WASD keys to move around.
Mouse to aim and shoot.
Mouse click Ц hold - release for power hit attack against enemy
Mouse to change weapons/buy upgrades/power-ups
Hotkeys Q Ц E to change weapons 1-4 to select power-up

Game category: Action games

All flash games are unlocked. We use the Ruffle emulator for flash.

Ruffle is a Flash Player emulator built in the Rust programming language.

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