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Colorful Towers Puzzle game

Colorful Towers is a free puzzle game. Some people climb towers, and some people tear them down. Colorful Towers is a puzzle game about deconstructing the world around you, one ball at a time. If you want to know how it all fits together then you'll have to take it all apart. The only way to truly understand anything is to tear it open and try it out. That is the guiding principle of Colorful Towers, a puzzle game where you stack and unstack a series of colored balls in order to clear each stage. You'll be confronted with a series of empty jars and a series of jars filled with various colored balls. Your job is to remove the balls and place them in a new container in just such a way that you can easily re-stack everything into coordinated stacks of matching colors. This is something that must be done one single ball at a time and thus will require the utmost concentration and strategic thinking. Do not stack gently into that night, gamer-friends. You must rage, rage against the improper stacking of the colored balls.


On your desktop computer or mobile device please use your fingers to tap and drag or your mouse to point, click and drag. Your goal is to remove the balls one at a time and re-stack them into the adjacent jars.

Game category: Puzzle games

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