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Arcandies Puzzle game

Arcandies is a magic-themed puzzle. You're here and she is over there. AAll you have to do is get from here to there and then get her from there to here. it sounds simple, it sounds funny but it's not. Arcandies is the 16-bit puzzle game of your dreams, or possibly your nightmares, depending on what you're into. It is a game that will challenge your conceptions of time and space and force you to make tough choices as fast as you can. Do you have the critical thinking skills required to unlock the mystery that is this game? If not, that is fine. You can just practice your skills in this game. It is as much of a teacher as it is a friend. A game designed to entertain, educate, and keep you occupied. 

Spacial recognition and moving things in a determined pattern in order to optimize their effectiveness and get them from point A to point B doesn't require any magical abilities but it sometimes feels like that. When you get behind the wheel of this game and take it out on the open road you'll see that there is a lot under the hood, it has a lot of complexity and a lot of depth. All of it is wrapped up in a nice neat little package. 


Use your mouse to click on and through the various in-game menus. While playing you will use your mouse to move characters to their like-colored portal.

Game category: Puzzle games

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