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Chomper Kids game

Use your mouse to steer our cute little Chomper, finding him tasty red worms to eat while avoiding all the green ones! Avoid the sneaky purple fish that creeps out from the side and tries to eat you... Hint: try to stay towards the bottom middle area to better time your chomps! Bon Appetit!!!

Game category: Kids games

"Chomper" is a simple yet addictive arcade-style game. 

In Chomper, you control a character known as the "chomper," which is typically represented by a Pac-Man-like creature. The game is usually played on a grid-based level, consisting of various objects and enemies.

The objective of Chomper is to eat all the items or pellets scattered throughout the level while avoiding contact with the enemies. The chomper character moves in a continuous path until it encounters a wall or barrier. The player can navigate the chomper by changing its direction using arrow keys or other controls.

As the game progresses, the levels become more challenging, introducing additional obstacles and enemies that can harm the chomper upon contact. Some variations of the game include power-ups that provide temporary abilities or invincibility to the chomper, allowing it to defeat enemies or clear obstacles.

The goal in Chomper is typically to achieve the highest score possible by eating all the pellets and avoiding enemy encounters. The game often includes a scoring system that rewards points for each pellet consumed or enemy defeated.

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