Bushido Commodore 64 game

Bushido is a C64 game that arrives at a time when the 64 is starved of software. Gone are the bad old days when companies, both reputable and rogue, were turning out games by the dozen, leading to the most bizarre variation in ratings ever seen. The Microprose game Bushido takes you back to a Sonyless Japan where warlords (Diamyo) battle for supremacy. Once such warrior has entrenched himself inside a huge fortress in order to escape assassination. All attacks on the fortress have so far failed, so a rival warlord has decided to penetrate it with a lone warrior.

You select the character you want to do this mission. A monk might be well-versed in martial arts and stealth, but when it comes to handling a sword, he could end up doing more harm to himself than to others. On the other hand, there are various types of warriors and scholars, each one excelling in their particular field.

Once you're inside the fortress, the name of the game is violence. Run into the fortress, do a bit of GBH, then try to find the clues and the equipment to get you through to the next level. Instead of the standard forfeit of a life, you age by the number of months it took you to heal. The older and mankier your character gets, the more time he has to spend in training rather than fighting, until finally, you're old and wizened.

Bushido lacks in graphics and sound but makes up for it in action and puzzleability. Especially, it's the riddles that help break the monotony on what might have been a tedious kill 'em all game. It's a fun offering from Microprose, especially for the gamer who doesn't like their games to be too intellectual.

The game has an intriguing mixture of beat 'em-up and RPG elements. The magic belt and save game features avoid the frustration of death. The game's graphics are nicely detailed, and there's some variety in the 3D graphics. The only way to die in the game is of old age.

In early Feudal Japan, life was tough, and the code of Bushido was followed by all warriors. In this computer game set in Shimosa Province, you play as a head honcho in the Gaira house, on a mission to infiltrate the Taira fortress and defeat the enemy. There are eight agents to choose from, each with their unique skills and abilities. The action is standard arcade adventure fare: kill enemies and search rooms for items that make progress easier. The music adds to the atmosphere, and the game is fast and playable, although not as good as The Last Ninja 2.

Overall, Bushido is a good oriental arcade adventure, lacking some extra challenge compared to other games in its league, like The Last Ninja 2.

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