Bop n Rumble Commodore 64 game

Bop n Rumble is a violent yet comedic commodore 64 game where your sole objective is to roam the city streets and pummel everyone in sight. The protagonist, a blond guy with sunglasses and a perpetual scowl, faces off against a variety of opponents, including senior citizens, animals, overweight men, and motorists. Each adversary has unique attacks, strengths, and weaknesses.

Jumping past enemies might help you progress, but they can still be quite annoying. Some opponents, like old men, may stand still, requiring precise timing or a healthy energy supply to defeat—especially if they're protected by more aggressive foes. Running out of health means replaying a significant portion of the level, which can be frustrating. And sometimes, collecting hearts for health may come with a surprise twist instead of the expected boost.


Bop'n Rumble Game Instructions

Gameplay in Bop'n Rumble is straightforward. As the player walks forward, opponents appear on the screen. Initially, players have access to four offensive moves: the roundhouse kick and foot grab as basic moves, while the other two moves vary with each level, adding a unique twist to the gameplay.

Moves and Strategies

  • Basic Moves: Roundhouse kick and foot grab.
  • Level-Specific Moves: Each level introduces new and often humorous moves, such as various throws, grabs, and some unconventional non-karate moves.
  • Move Effects: Some moves deal significant damage, while others offer a brief respite. However, a strong offensive strategy is key. "Hit the enemies before they hit you" is a sound approach, as all moves have their usefulness and are fun to use.

Enemies and Challenges

  • Challenging Opponents: Enemies provide a good challenge, especially when attacking in pairs. They can deal serious damage if given a chance.
  • Old Man with the Cane: Repeatedly beats you, preventing attacks. Retreat and try again.
  • Gorillas: Deliver quick and powerful attacks, requiring careful strategy
  • Unlimited Enemies: Some frustrating spots in the game throw unlimited enemies at you, regardless of how many you defeat, adding to the challenge.


Stay on the offensive, utilize your moves wisely, and tackle each level's unique challenges to succeed in Bop'n Rumble. Enjoy the variety and fun each move brings to the game!

Game category: Commodore 64 games

Bop'n Rumble is a unique game that's definitely worth a try. Load it up, invite your neighbors to watch, and impress them with your nostalgic gaming skills.

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