Basket Master - STC Commodore 64 game

US Basket Master: Hmm, not bad at all! Opting for a one-on-one approach allowed the programmers to incorporate some impressive sprites and animations that wouldn't have been possible in a team game, even on a scrolling court. The game supports traditional basketball tactics like slam-dunking, ball shielding, long throws, and more.

The control system may take a while to get used to, and in one-player mode, the computer-controlled opponent plays like Michael Jordan, even on the beginner level. It's best to pick a two-player game and practice by yourself until you've mastered it.

Like real basketball, the rules can be quite complex, and unfortunately, they're not printed on the inlay either. Nevertheless, this is still the standout game in the compilation, offering an exciting experience.

Kentucky Racing is a decent filler, but the other games are subpar, and there's no need to mention them. You won't feel too disappointed if you buy the compilation for Basket Master alone, but don't expect much long-term enjoyment from the rest of the pack.

Rating: 78%

In summary, US Basket Master is the only standout game in the compilation, with Kentucky Racing as a decent addition. The other games are not worth mentioning, so it's primarily worth it for Basket Master. However, don't expect extended enjoyment from the other titles in the pack.

Overall Compilation Rating: 60%

Game category: Commodore 64 games

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