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Books Tower Skill game

Books Tower is a cute and simple stacking game based on books. If you’re a book nerd and you love seeing books stacked up to the top, then you’ll love this cute online game. Your objective is to stack as many books as you can without having the tower topple over. Sure that might seem easy, but as the books oscillate from right to left you’ll find it to be more difficult than it may seem. You have to click on the screen and get it to drop at the perfect time to perfectly align the books on top of each other. Stack your books of varying colors on a simply drawn desk as peppy music plays in the background. Click on the leader board to see how well you stack up against other book stackers on this online game.


To play this stacking game, click on the screen with your mouse or finger to drop the book over the last book on the stack. Your goal is to line them up as best as possible else the stack falls over and you lose that game session. Play this online game again and try to beat your best score each time.

Game category: Skill games

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