Bomb Jack II - BTM Commodore 64 game

Bomb Jack II: A Sequel Worth Exploring

In the world of bomb disposal, Bomb Jack II emerges as a caped crusader, but this time, he's on a quest for treasure rather than defusing bombs. The game is available for £9.95 on cassette and £14.95 on disk, with support for both joystick and keyboard controls. Bomb Jack has traded his red cape for a blue leotard and gained the ability to fight.

The gameplay unfolds across forty distinct screens, each featuring a set of floating platforms with pots of gold. Bomb Jack must leap from platform to platform, collecting these pots. However, his movement is limited to platforms that align with each other. The challenge comes from the creatures inhabiting the platforms, ranging from two to six in number and evolving into more formidable foes as the game progresses.

These creatures can sap Bomb Jack's energy, which is indicated by a depleting bar. Fighting the creatures is possible by pressing the fire button and pushing them away. But using this tactic also consumes energy, so it's wise to avoid excessive conflict. Collecting flashing pots rewards bonus points, and ten of these pots grant an extra life.

The game's presentation is decent, offering an attract mode, two-player option, and the choice between joystick and keyboard controls. The graphics are small but colorful, and the sound features a suitable backing track and spot effects.

Bomb Jack II doesn't disappoint in terms of hookability. While it may not seem compulsive initially, it becomes incredibly addictive as you dive into the action, keeping players engaged for hours. However, some players might find that the lack of variety in the screens and a shortage of new monsters or features hinder long-term enjoyment.

While the graphics and sound are not outstanding, the game offers reasonable challenge and enjoyable gameplay. The main downside is the price, which might deter some potential players. Still, Bomb Jack II is a solid choice for those who enjoyed its predecessor.

Overall, Bomb Jack II provides a more impressive and playable experience compared to the original, with its unique twist on the arcade game genre. It's a simple but addictive game that deserves consideration, even if the price tag seems a bit high.

So, if you're willing to take on the role of Bomb Jack and collect pots of gold while fending off creatures in this captivating adventure, Bomb Jack II could be the right choice for you. It's a sequel that outshines its predecessor, offering a fresh and engaging experience.

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