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Bermuda escape Adventure game

Bermuda Escape is an intriguing escape game that revolves around the enigma of the Bermuda Triangle. Immerse yourself in the chilling tales we've all heard, as you find yourself caught in its clutches. Shipwrecked within the infamous Bermuda Triangle, your survival depends on delving into this forbidden realm. Utilize your dive gear to evade the clutches of the sinking ship and embark on a swim through the ocean in search of assistance.

Traverse the depths of the verdant sea, meticulously scouring your surroundings for peculiar books, creatures, and items. As you explore, you'll encounter something peculiar lurking in the waters. However, you have no choice but to board this peculiar and otherworldly vessel that awaits. Determination is key as you press onward, uncovering the identity of the hidden entity residing within these murky depths.

Bermuda Escape presents a distinctive adventure, where your ultimate goal is to navigate your way out of the mystifying Bermuda Triangle. Fear not, for you must bravely plunge into these eerie waters, unearthing the truth that shrouds the Bermuda Triangle.


use your mouse and click around like in your typical escape game. Pay attention to clues, items, and tools that you can use to get yourself out of this scary scenario. Solve puzzles to open doors and find out what’s on the other side.

Game category: Adventure games

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