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Atari Video Cube, released in 1982 for the Atari 2600, is a puzzle game that capitalizes on the popularity of the Rubik's Cube. Originally distributed exclusively to Atari Club members through Atari Age magazine, it later appeared in stores. The game's protagonist, Hubie the Cube Master, navigates a six-sided cube with the goal of arranging each side to display a single color. Hubie's movements are restricted by the color he carries, adding complexity to the puzzle-solving process.

Players control Hubie, swapping colors strategically to solve the cube efficiently. Variations in gameplay include different cube layouts, difficulty levels, and movement restrictions. Despite hardware limitations, Atari Video Cube employs innovative mechanics to simulate a 3D space, offering a challenging puzzle experience.

The game's depth is enhanced by various modes, such as Blacked Out and Restricted Movement, along with 50 different cube layouts. Players can track their progress through timers or move counts, competing against themselves or the computer's impressive solving capabilities.

Atari Video Cube's rarity adds to its appeal among collectors, with two versions—Atari Video Cube and Rubik's Cube—featuring minor cosmetic differences. Despite its age, the game remains enjoyable for puzzle enthusiasts, showcasing the ingenuity of early video game design.

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Atari Video Cube - Atari 2600 - console game.

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