Alter Ego Commodore 64 game

The Game Alter Ego is the result of the work of a small, currently one-person Retrosouls studio. This studio comes from Russia and is created by Denis Grachev. He has created a couple of projects, but this one is the first on C64. The Alter Ego game first appeared on Pc, ZX Spectrum, Nes (2011), and now the version for C64 appeared. This is a logical arcade game that will not only make your gray matter burn, but will also not let your hands keeping the joystick be bored.
The game doesn’t really have a plot (at least I didn’t see it there), that’s why I will describe what the premises of the game are. Even though we can see two persons on the screen that are controlled by the player, we really control only one person. The second one (the one which flashes which we cannot see on the screens) is the titular alter ego of our protagonist, which moves constantly on the basis of mirror reflection. The target of the game is gathering of the scattered on the every level here and there squares, which will be possible only thanks to the right planning of route of passing through the given level.

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