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Age of War Strategy game

Age of Conflict unfolds as an extraordinary, timeless strategy game. Navigate the epochs in a relentless quest to obliterate your adversary's stronghold before they lay waste to yours in this real-time strategy masterpiece. Strategically deploy units dispatched toward the enemy base, mirroring your opponent's efforts against you. Converge at the map's center, marking the inception of a riveting tug-of-war.

Accumulate gold and experience for each vanquished unit, utilizing the gold to summon additional forces or construct formidable towers safeguarding your bastion. Amass sufficient experience to progress to the subsequent age, enhancing your units, fortifications, and towers. Traverse five distinct ages, each presenting unique challenges. Conquer them all or strive for an expedited triumph over your adversary. The battlefield beckons, and the outcome awaits your strategic prowess.


To play, all you have to do is use the toolbar at the top to spawn units, build or sell turrets, or create more turret spots. When you’ve earned enough experience, you can advance to the next age. This gives you a new assortment of units to buy with gold and increases the gold gained from defeating enemy units. There’s also a special ability with a short cooldown that you can use to help the tug the war into your favor.


Game category: Strategy games

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