Flash games are back

Thanks to the Ruffle Flash player emulator we are able to play flash games again.

Here are a few of our personal favorites!

Click on the images to play.

Mouse Trap

In this game you need to trap the mouse and prevent it from escaping.

You trap the mouse by erecting pillars to surround it. Each time you erect a pillar, the mouse will make a move. You need to plan your pillars carefully in order to trap the mouse.

Play Mouse Trap here »

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N3wton is a shooting game where you have to control the cannon by shooting it, while simultaneously trying to shoot the enemy cannons that are trying to shoot you. Avoid falling off the platform, or you'll lose.

 Play N3wton here »

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Polar Bear Crossing

In this flash game polar bear cubs will jump out from the iceberg on the left, and you have to use the floating iceberg to catch the polar bear cubs and bounce them to the iceberg on the right where their mother is waiting. Good judgement is needed in order to determine which polar bear cub should be caught first. Use the mouse to control the iceberg and catch the polar bear cubs. 

Play Polar Bear Crossing here »

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In this game there are some stars of different colours. You need to move the stars so that 3 or more stars of the same colour are connected and then they will be destroyed. You must destroy stars as quickly as possible otherwise the stars will be locked and cannot be moved.

Play Staries here »

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Mouse and Cat

This is a skill game of mouse and cats. In this game you move the mouse to cross the river and take the cheese. There are pieces of logs flowing through the river and you can cross the river by moving onto the logs. Beware of the cat and be careful not to fall into the water.

Play Mouse and Cat here »

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