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Zeewolf Amiga game

Zeewolf is a thrilling helicopter combat game set in a dynamic 3D environment, reminiscent of the classic isometric action of Desert Strike. While primarily focused on high-octane action, the game's 32 levels offer a diverse range of missions including support, transport, and rescue operations.

Players will find themselves engaged in tasks such as dropping or refueling friendly units within the combat zone, which in turn provide valuable support or aid in battling the enemy. Mission objectives span from destroying enemy units to rescuing prisoners of war and delivering them safely to an aircraft carrier. Additionally, players will undertake tasks such as escorting reconnaissance planes, reclaiming captured bases, and deploying spies.

The game features intuitive controls, allowing players to pilot their helicopter using either a joystick or the unconventional option of a mouse. Utilizing a third-person 3D engine, players view the action from a side perspective, with the environment dynamically displayed within a square radius around the helicopter. The game engine boasts advanced features including segmented spheres and domes, as well as immersive effects like fire and water splash animations. Furthermore, Zeewolf introduces a unique simultaneous gameplay and map display mode, enhancing the overall gaming experience.




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