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Wood Cutter - Saw 5-minutes game

Wood Cutter - Saw is a puzzle game where you cut wood into various shapes using a saw. Move the dots of the saw until they are aligned with the shape and watch the saw tear through each wooden block!


Cut unique shapes to build a world

Align the dots to cut various wooden shapes. Each cutout becomes part of the world, creating a unique object or animal that fits into the level theme.

Upgrade the power of your saw

You earn gold for each wooden shape you cut. Head back to the menu at any time to purchase upgrades for the teeth and speed of your Wood Cutter!

Customize your cutter

Kit out your cutter with various unique blade shapes and chimney designs. There are opportunities to unlock new blades and chimneys from chests as you progress down the wood cutter’s path.


Simple & fun puzzle game

A multitude of levels with unique themes

Various saw and chimney designs

Upgradeable saw speed and teeth

Game category: 5-minutes games

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