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Wiz Commodore 64 game

Game category: Commodore 64 games

Embark on a magical journey in the enchanting world of Wiz for the Commodore 64. In the realm of Midgard, a powerful spell has upheld the balance between good and evil. However, nefarious forces from the land of Neflheim are seeping through, threatening the harmony. As a budding Wizard, your quest is to accumulate points and ascend to the ranks of a top-level sorcerer. Your ultimate goal? Unleash a spell that could potentially shatter the delicate equilibrium. Beware, for the formidable wizards who fear the consequences will relentlessly pursue you, employing any means necessary to halt your perilous mission. Are you ready to defy destiny and shape the destiny of two interconnected worlds? The fate of Midgard and Neflheim rests in your magical hands!

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