who dares wins Commodore 64 game

Created by Steve Evans, famous for classics such as Guardian. This game was a very sly Commando clone, and as soon as Elite (who owned the rights to converting Commando) saw the game, they gained an injunction to stop it from being sold.

A shame, but as you can see for yourself, Elite were right… and it was a blatant copy of the game. The full game has sneaked out, and now exists with the same music as the sequel which was released (featuring different level maps). Here is the full unreleased game for you to enjoy and spot resemblances to Commando.

Game category: Commodore 64 games

"Who Dares Wins" is a classic top-down scrolling shoot'em up game for the Commodore 64 (C64). The game offers fast-paced, arcade-style gameplay with a military theme.

In "Who Dares Wins," players control a soldier who must infiltrate enemy bases, defeat hordes of enemy soldiers, tanks, and helicopters, and rescue hostages. The game features multiple levels with increasing difficulty, various types of enemies, and different weapons and power-ups to collect. Players must navigate through the enemy-infested environments, avoid enemy fire, and strategically use their weapons and power-ups to survive and complete their mission.

"Who Dares Wins" received positive reviews for its fast-paced gameplay, challenging levels, and military-themed action. It was a popular title on the C64 and remains a well-known game among retro gaming enthusiasts. The game also spawned sequels, "Who Dares Wins II" and "Who Dares Wins III," which were released for the C64 and other platforms.

Please note that as an older game, "Who Dares Wins" may not be readily available for purchase in modern markets, but it may be possible to find it through retro gaming communities, online marketplaces for vintage games, or emulation platforms. It's important to obtain and play games legally and responsibly,

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