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Turok 2 Seeds of evil Gameboy game

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is an action-platform video game developed by Bit Managers and published by Acclaim Entertainment for the Game Boy Color handheld console in 1998. Released alongside its Nintendo 64 counterpart, it features a distinct storyline within the same world.

Gameplay: The game comprises eight side-scrolling levels and four boss encounters. Players utilize various weapons, from a pistol to a shotgun, grenade launcher, and bow and arrow, to defeat enemies. Some levels involve riding a Pterodactylus or canoe while evading opponents. The game uses a password system for progress saving.

Development: Developed by Bit Managers, the game's platform levels were initially designed on graph paper and replicated on a level editor before being playable on the Game Boy hardware. Alberto Jose González composed the game's music, which is also backward compatible with the original Game Boy in monochrome mode.

Reception: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil received mixed reviews. IGN criticized it as "an E-rated cookie-cutter sidescroller with decent controls and unimpressive visuals." Nintendo Power praised its wide range of moves and side-scrolling action but criticized the limited color graphics. Total Game Boy magazine criticized its level design and unrelated gameplay to the Nintendo 64 game. However, Nintendo Acción lauded its length, animations, tight controls, and dynamic gameplay, while the French official Nintendo magazine commended its colorful graphics for enhancing the atmosphere.

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