Turbo Kart Racer Commodore 64 game

According to players, kart racing is proclaimed as "the MOST EXCITING MOTOR SPORT known to man today," which explains its extensive coverage on TV. However, let's set aside the hype and examine the game more objectively. It essentially offers an overhead-view, multidirectional scrolling racing experience with a split-screen feature, enabling two-player games. In each race, three karts compete, striving to qualify for the next race by surpassing the computer-controlled cars. The track is scattered with various objects, such as wrenches, that can be picked up to acquire add-ons like extra speed and acceleration.

Kart excels in presentation, offering two methods of kart control (either rotate and push forward to accelerate or simply push in your desired direction). It includes a track demo, a monochromatic 'race complete' screen, a practice option, a high score table, and the choice to continue from the last track you reached.

Now, onto the gameplay. Initially, controlling your tiny kart can be challenging, resulting in numerous frustrating crashes. However, with persistence and familiarization with the tracks and control system, the game gradually becomes surprisingly enjoyable. As you progress, the tracks become more intricate, introducing obstacles like road-blocking walls and eliminating helpful arrows. The addition of an excellent two-player mode (especially valuable when the computer players prove formidable) makes Kart a budget-friendly gem.

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Turbo Kart Racer game, commodore 64.

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