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Thing Thing Arena Pro

Category: Shooting

Instructions: OBJECTIVE

Complete as many goals as possible before the time runs out and rack up as many kills as you can along the way!
A, D - Run Left / Right
Mouse - Aim and Fire.
W - Jump
R - Reload
E - Change Weapon
F - Open Door
P - Pause
M - Toggle Map
These controls can be remapped in the pause menu.


Killing enemies in a variety of different ways yields different scores. Combining the different methods contributes to an even greater score.
Combo Meter On top of that, there├Г╞Т├В┬в├Г┬в├втВм┼б├В┬м├Г┬в├втВм┼╛├В┬вs a combo multiplier. If you continue to kill enemies before the combo meter runs out, each additional enemy adds 0.1x to the multiplier. The sky├Г╞Т├В┬в├Г┬в├втВм┼б├В┬м├Г┬в├втВм┼╛├В┬вs the limit, see how high you can get it!