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Pull the Pin Puzzle game

Pull the Pin is a cute puzzle game where you must pour colorful balls into a cup. This is a brain teaser game where you must figure out which pins to pull to bring color to all the balls and then pour them get them into their destination. This online game is set against a white background with simplistic 3D animation. You will see pins that you can click on and pull. Figure out which pins to pull and in what order to pour the balls into the cup below. You will sometimes see gray balls that will magically change colors if they come in contact with the colorful ones. There will also be red herrings like pins that don’t need to get pulled and bombs that can disrupt your game playing. Each game comes with its own challenge that you must solve and overcome. There are several levels for you to play and keep yourself entertained. Use the coins you earn to unlock character skins for your balls and pins! Select the leaderboard icon to see where you rank against other puzzle players in this unique online game.


To play this puzzle game, click on the pins to pull them. Your goal is to color all the balls and then pour them into the cup below.

Game category: Puzzle games

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