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Pirate Cards Strategy game

Pirate Cards is a free card game. Hello, mateys. Take a break from pillaging and sailing across the high seas and relax with this fun card-based strategy game. You'll have fun piloting your pirate around the map and trying to collect items and slay enemies hile activating canons and mines before you finally push your luck and die on the wrong end of a goblin blade. This is a card game that will require careful planning and strategic choices as well as on your feet tactical choice and every now and then, a little luck. Collect treasure in order to save up and buy upgrades later on and collect items and weapons in order to help you better fight the sea monsters and rival pirates you'll face within the game. This is a game of endurance, the longer you last the better you will do but inevitably you should also be aware: this is a game based around living and dying. You play until you die, then you pick yourself up and start over again.


Use your mouse to click on your pirate character and direct them towards adjacent cards. Attack enemies, collect treasure, unlock items, and battle your way to the top in this challenging card-based puzzle game

Game category: Strategy games

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