Pharaoh, the pixel adventure Platform game

Pharaoh, the pixel adventure game, your girl has been kidnapped by the Pharaoh of the pyramid, goes through the 55 rooms of the pyramid to rescue her, but beware, the mummies, scorpions, zombies, snakes, bats and traps of the pyramid will try to prevent it.

Play this pixilated adventure and show that you are a hero, face the innumerable dangers of the pyramid, and defeat Pharaoh to rescue your girl in this fantastic adventure.

To avoid the enemies and the traps, you must go jumping at the right moment, you play with a single touch, it is a one touch game, with a B.S.O. original and emotive, set in ancient Egypt.

Pharaoh's world has:

- Beautiful graphics pixel art.

- Epic B.S.O. by Guillermo CaƱete.

- Many enemies, mummies, zombies, snakes, traps, bats and the final boss, the Pharaoh of the pyramid.

- A girl to rescue.

- Millimeter jumps.

- 55 levels.

- One touch control.

- Free  game.

- For all ages.

- Retro style.

- Die again and again, it can be fun.

If you like pixel art, retro games and indie games, play Pharaoh, the pixel art adventure, overcome all the rooms of the pyramid and rescue your girl, show that you are a hero.


Game category: Platform games

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